An adventure series based on true-life events

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The Adventures of Mychal DalCassian


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This story is dedicated to the parents, spouses, and families of Protectors around the world.


Marc Lonergan-Hertel  is a former Navy SEAL that has written a biography of his life by creating fictional characters (Avatars) to protect sensitive information and the privacy of others to provide a fascinating insight into his life of adventure. Marc's Avatar is the hero self he creates as a young boy.



"The secret navigational route to Dolphin Island is from

The Beast to... The Beauty...

 I will show you the way." - Mychal DalCassian


Mychal DalCassian is an unusual 10-year old adventurer who creates a secret world, steeped in magic, which will strangely foreshadow his experiences as an adult as a Navy SEAL sniper and as a professional explorer; sailing around the world with one of the greatest sea captains of our time. Mychal's adventures document a young man's forty-year journey as he learns to navigate life's formidable challenges and to discover the resplendent beauty of nature and of the people he encounters in his adventures around the planet.



Mychal's story is based on the author's personal and true life experiences as an adventurer. But it is also a story of the many young men and women who scraped their elbows and bruised their hearts in a time before smartphones and computers. It is also the story of the parents who raised their children to be strong, inspiring them to be the defenders that we have in the world today: The protectors who grow up to guard the shores of our island while those who live inside the walls sleep safely at night.


Based on a recommendation from a former Commanding Officer in the SEALs, the author has created avatar characters for himself and the characters in the book; many of which were approached and asked to develop their characters name and attributes, based on the Hero-Self they envisioned for themselves, as a youth. It is an exercise that all protectors should live up to.


The author has chosen the name Mychal DalCassian for his character.

“Mychal” is in honor a true hero, Father Mychal Judge.

Father Mychal was victim 0001 in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Towers.

Father Mychal was the NYPD Chaplain and had rushed into Tower One to administer last rites to dying Fire Fighters staged on the first floor. The building collapsed on him after he refused to leave any of the first responders behind.




My name is Marc Lonergan-Hertel.

Thank you for joining me on the first book of my adventures...

I look forward to sharing them with you in this book and in Part Two!

Special dedication to the Protector Moms that helped raise us to be strong.

- Marc and his mom, Ellen.